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Trout Unlimited

National Vision, Local Action

Trout Unlimited first rolled up its sleeves when a small group of Michigan residents met in 1959 to consider how they might protect the health of trout, trout habitat, and the sport of fishing. Within two years, they achieved a major victory when their state replaced its indiscriminate stocking of catch able-sized trout with stream improvement programs, fingerling planting, and protective fishing regulations. Since then, Trout Unlimited has grown to over 140,000 members nationwide. The organization's National Resource Board, representing TU's volunteer leadership and supported by a dedicated staff of legal and scientific professionals, works to implement a comprehensive conservation agenda.

The Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter of Trout Unlimited is one of 21 chapters in Wisconsin, serving the interests of Grant, Iowa, and Lafayette counties in the Southwest part of the state. Our chapter was first established on May 17, 1975 as the Southwest Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Chapter. We became the Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter of Trout Unlimited on August 8, 1981. The chapter works to preserve our coldwater resource through:

Stream Improvements

We seek and work with experts, attract funding, assemble and install in-stream structures, cut brush, install rip rap, and plant stream banks.


We screen applicants and provide one scholarship per year to students at UW-Platteville; award grants to local K-12 classrooms for qualifying projects; organize fly tying classes; sponsor an annual fishing school for young people; nurture a water-monitoring program; hold an annual Water Celebration event; sponsor the Spring Creek Festival in which proceeds from the event are used for stream projects; and schedule speakers for general membership meetings.


Working with a number of advocacy partners, we are vigilant on behalf of the resource, monitoring the legislative activity that impacts it, and encouraging our member to speak out.